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Here is what's on each page:

About Me: This is a page with some little facts on me!

Midtfyns Gymnasium:  Check out this page to see how a normal Danish school runs.

Where I've Been:  Stories of the places I have travelled to. You will find pictures from these travels on the page.

Diary: A diary of my year so far... 

Photos: Go here for links to pages with photos of my family, friends both in Aus and Dk and my time so far in Denmark.

Guestbook: Don't forget to sign this page so I can know exactly what you think of my homepage or anything else you have to say!!

Site Map: This is just a page with a list of all the pages on this site. You can use this page to get straight to any of the pages on this site.           

Updates: Danish is improving! Still can't get the right sound but I am understanding a lot more!

I am just letting you know that I will be home on the 12th of January 2004!


Exchange Organisation: As you could probably guess to be here I had to have come with an organisation.... so I thought I would give you their websites so you could check them out incase you ever thought of going on exchange...

Back home in Aus the organisations site is: www.councilexchanges.org.au

And the Danish one is: www.aspectworld.dk

So feel free to check them out and if you decided to go on exchange with them make sure you mention this site!!!



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