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Me at Strekov Castle in Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic
July 2004
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Me and my Tassie Soph in the Czech Republic
Mads, my Danish boyfriend, and his guitar
Meeting my best Aussie Mate Sarah in London
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Here is what's on each page:

About Me: Get to know me. If you don't already know me. But use the link to 'About me' that is in the left hand toolbar. This one doesn't work, and I am not computer-literate enough to fix it. Don't believe me? Try it!

Brisbane:  My Town. Go Team Brisbane!

X-change Student: Bits and pieces on being an X-change  Student in another country.

Travels:  The places I have travelled to this year. Otherwise known as 'Where's Wally?'

Diary: This is mostly just political views, ideological rants, my opinions, the usual. Check it out though. It's worth a look.

Photos: Go here for links to pages with photos of my family, friends both in Aus and Dk and my time so far in Denmark.

Guestbook: Hey, if you took the time to come here you can take the time to write to me. Or at least see what other people have written.

When you go to the pages up the top it will say 'Op'. This is the Danish word for 'Back' so just click on that to go back to the previous page!                            

Me at Egeskov (the Castle of Champions) on Fyn.











Sarah and I... in a phone box...


Updates: Well, lot'sa stuff has been updated. So take a look around!


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