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31. august 2003

Check Me Out On Euro Tour!!


Here you can find out were i live in Denmark and Thing about my host families. ALSO the wierd things that make Danmark, Danmark.





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Please remeber that this web site is always going to be under construction and some parts of it will never be updated.if you would like to see a part of the web site updated please contact me.

Welcome to my Website everybody

Hi this is my web site, put here to inform you how my exchange is going over the year. It will be updated when i can be bothered. Enjoy!

About Me

Here is all the info every body is dying to know. Mostly info on me in australia.

Talk back

Every body has been told that it is rude to talk back, but i dont care, so give us your thoughts, how ever you like.


Im gonna tell ya about how i got here and how you can aswell. Plus how bloody fantastic an Exchange is.


Sorry for all the spelling, gramma mistakes and small incorect information, this site is for everyday people I have not made it for a moderator and i would rather get the info there in time than spend time cheacking it 5 times over. 

But if some one finds somthing untrue or harassive please contact me and I will remove the item ASAP.


At the moment this site is mainly put up for the photo galleries and for testing. But the Skrap book, Travels, Exchange and Denmark Sections will be updated on the 10th 2003. Or before then.




Quick Link to the short clips i have here. See what you can find??


Everybody Love Photos. Check me out on the captured moments that i have had here in denmark.

Scrap Book

This is my electrical Diary/ Journal/Planner/Thoughts page. Anything i can think of and can be botherd to write.

You can also find Movies, My Travels and also the school and stuff page

Everything Else

This pretty much speaks for it self, this will have info about school, freinds, language school, and everything else...


More Photos!!!

If any one wants to have a look at my other photos that are on the web. Please dont hesitate to email me your email Address, and I will send you a link to the photos strait away. Plus dont ferget to send in the email that thats what you want. Thankyou.


By the way, "Startside" means Home Page. You will see this button and link around the web site. Sorry but I cant change it.

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